December 10, 2018

The One with the Woods in the Trees

Preface: I sincerely meant to post more this year. I have at least ten drafts of shoots that I love and wanted to fully share. The only problem is... there just isn't enough time in the days, weeks, or months.  Right now, writing this is technically procrastination, even though it's something I should've been doing all along, because I'm avoiding editing the 6 shoots in my queue, laundry, working out, wedding thank you notes, Christmas cards, and at least five other tasks that are more pressing than keeping my website up to date. But every month that I realize I haven't posted, I feel guilty. I feel like I'm neglecting my website! I'm sorry website. I haven't looked at you in months. You deserve better. So I'm going to be better. I'm not going to over promise here. I probably won't be able to post once a week, maybe not even once a month. I think every other month is more realistic, although not fair to the many shoots that I won't get to share. So there's my new resolution. Now then. On to your irregularly scheduled program. 

Alright let's start this season off right with Christmas photos!! Y'all know I love my Christmas tree farm location. I consider myself very lucky that 50 years ago my dad went to school and became friends with someone whose front yard happens to be a casual Christmas tree farm in Raleigh. VEE LUCKY. When I get to shoot there, I try to arrive early or stay late and just walk around to enjoy the holiday spirit. Christmas is the best. And nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Basically, looking at these pictures makes me happy, and hopefully they will make you feel happy too. So here are the photos from my first Christmas tree farm session this year! 
                                                                     When your dad says, "We can get doughnuts after this."↑↑

How cute is this little family?! SUPER FRIGGIN' CUTE AMIRIGHT?!

February 13, 2018

The One with Bloggers Galentine's Day

{gal-en-tine-s dae} 
definition: "only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." -Leslie Knope
Galentine's is probably my third favorite holiday. Right after Christmas and Thanksgiving. I've always had a majority of male friends, so celebrating the ladies who decide to put up with me is pretty important to me. Shout out to you gals, you da ril MVPs. 
This year for Galentine's Day, I spent the morning with my pregger sister brunching on Starbucks while watching Coco and the Olympics, then hanging with my tiny sister who I got to pick up early from school (thanks strep throat!), getting coffee a new photographer friend (yay for photog frands!), and then having Valentine's dinner with my love who is cooking me dinner tonight, because tomorrow I am having just a bit of mouth surgery.
I'm sad to not be throwing our annual Galentine's Party with my bff this year. But luckily, I got to attend an early Galentine's Party. Meghan of I'm Fixin' To and Courtney of Courtney Fashionista hosted a handful of bloggers at Level 7 Rooftop Bar in the North Hills AC Hotel. Angela of Head to Toe Chic, Lindsey of Baubles and Backdrops, Jessica of Linn Style, and Stephanie of A Style of Her Own all attended, and we had a fabulous time celebrating gal pals. We started off getting drinks at the bar, and then Petals on the Go began the event by teaching us how to make our own flower crowns! 

After lots of laughs and much concentration, everyone was adorned with beautiful halos. Level 7 then brought out some deliciousness, and we feasted tapas style!

And of course, it wouldn't be a blogger event if we didn't take outfit photos!

 Thank you so much to Meghan and Courtney along with Level 7, Petals on the Go, Moon & Lola, and A Southern Sugar Bakery for making this Galentine's Event so special!
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