January 11, 2016

The One with the One Eli

In September, I had the privilege of attending and photographing the birthday party of one of the sweetest babies alive.  Eli's family from both sides gathered in Chapel Hill on a rainy afternoon to celebrate him.  Although the weather changed the destination plans, their new home made for a great change of venue.  As we talked of Minions, ate delicious barbecue, and watched Eli open gifts, I could not help but reminisce over the wonderful times I had while being Eli's nanny in his first few months.  He is the most smiley baby I have ever encountered.  I count myself lucky to be able to babysit him and photograph him and his sweet family which truly translated through the photos I captured at his first birthday party.  

January 10, 2016

The One with the Eldest of the Rooth Engagement

On an early foggy Sunday morning, my eldest brother and his future wifey joined me for a beautiful walked along the shoreline of Lake Crabtree.  Oh and we took some engagement pictures too.  We all pretended not to be cold as these two very attractive (and very tall) people let me capture their attractiveness with my camera.  I even endured through some kissing pictures.  To top it off, we ended the session by bringing out their super sweet pups for a few family pictures.  I am just so excited to share these pictures, but that excitement is not even close to how excited I am to get yet another sister!  I am looking forward to many more photo sessions with these two.  

January 7, 2016

The One with the Davis Family

I have known the Davis's for so long that I still lovingly refer to the youngest as "Little Will" even though he is now well over six feet tall and preparing to graduate from high school.  Each member of this amazing family is so sweet and very funny.  This made for a quick, easy, yet super fun photo session with this amazing family whom I love.