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As a photographer, I like to really cover the realm of photography work. GloryRoze Photography is an avenue for everyone to have access to affordable photography. I love to take photos for any and every occasion, except for weddings. (Unless you're eloping in which case I'm so in!)

Here is how any photoshoot package with me will work.

- I function as a Pay What You Can business. My suggested price is $200 per hour, but we will begin our process by finding a price point and time frame that works best for you. Then, I will learn your vision and help you line up all of the details to make your dreams come true.

-We will conduct the photoshoot and have lots of fun! I will be hopped up on coffee, and you will laugh at me because I’ll do anything for the gram.

-You can have as many outfit changes as you would like, but wardrobe changing time counts as photoshoot time. So make it snappy!

-I will go off to a coffee shop or my couch to edit your images and choose the ones where you look the most stunning.

-I will deliver the final photos 2 weeks after the photoshoot date via digital album from which you are able to view, download, print, and share your memories.

-I deliver at least 15 photos per half hour of shooting (a 30 minute photoshoot means 15 photos, 1 hour means 30, and so on).

-You have personal printing permissions (meaning you can print your photos from anywhere for your personal use).

-You can post on social media, and so will I, and we can tag each other! (If you don’t want me to share your photos, just let me know!)

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