Creepy Halloween Photoshoot

 I love having talented friends to collaborate with. And one of those talented friends is Sophie (Sittin’ Pretty (@sittinpretty919) • Instagram photos and videos). I don't need to explain, just look at the proof below.

Look #1 Pumpkin head

Face concept: Spooky pumpkin face / head makeup

Photo concept: A spooky pumpkin in a candy corn world.

Look #2 Burned face

Face concept: woman with a half burnt face

Photo concept: A woman scorned or burned / Burn me once, spell on you.

Look #3 Ugly bride

Face concept: Boils and goils

Photo concept: Pretty from the back... but from the front...

Look #4 Joker's daughter

Face concept: smile cut 

Photo concept: Do you want to know how she got these scars?

Look #5 Killer hands

Face concept: N/A

Photo concept: These unplanned hands came out of nowhere.

The end.

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