Pool Daze

As soon a I saw the view of the pool from the top deck of the house, I immediately envisioned this photo and asked Des if she would help me out. I had brought the hat for her. $5 at H&M, but it didn't fit me, so of course I brought it to give to Des. I made her a lemonade slushie and put it into the perfectly supplied margarita glass and ran up to the deck. The hardest part was capturing her in the middle of the pool as she kept floating away. 
People asked if they should move their poolside supplies, but I feel like those help paint the picture. ART. 
I am terrified of heights, but I've found that I can keep my sweaty hands from getting too bad if I'm holding my camera. #diditforthegram. I leaned over the wooden railing, but that still wasn't far enough out over the water, so I turned on my live view screen, wrapped the strap tightly around my wrist, and reached out my, finally good for something, awkwardly long arms. GOT IT!
A big shout out to my sister for loving modeling as much as I love photographing. 

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