October 14, 2016

The One with Itty Bitty Benjamin

The joy that surrounds the birth of a child is insurmountable and uncontainable.  It amazes me that someone so itty bitt can cause such great happiness.  This joy is simply awesome to photograph.  I like to think that years down the road, Benjamin will be able to look at these photos and know that there has never been a single day in his life that he was not loved.  I think every child deserves this love and this certainty of being loved.  Looking at these photos reminds me why I take pictures.  Memories are precious,  and pictures can recall the feelings you had during those precious memories.  I think that everyone deserves to have good pictures of special memories so that these little moments will never be forgotten.

October 7, 2016

The One with Lil' Will's SR Portraits

It was the perfect weather, perfect people, perfect day for this photo shoot.  I love being around the Davis family.  Happy people just make me happy. Even though...
...I feel so old.  
Will cannot possibly be old enough to graduate high school! I still think of him as the adorable little kid who would dribble a basketball around the gym during varsity girls' basketball practice while his dad kindly yelled at us that we were running our plays wrong.  Now he is all grown up and handsome with a lovely girlfriend and just as sweet as he was when he was little.  And although he may be grown, he will always be Lil Will to me.