July 19, 2019

The One with Hot Dogs and Diamonds

As soon as Zoe and Greg got engaged, this engagement shoot concept popped into my head. Zoe loves hot dogs more than a competitive eater, so why not shoot engagement photoshoot at a hot dog joint? Luckily, I was already planning a visit to this sweet family's new home, so it was perfect timing (good job Greg). I told them to take us to their favorite hot dog spot for the shoot, and Johnny's Hot Dogs did not disappoint. I got so many delicious topping because I'm a "pile it on" type of girl, and I will say that was one delicious wiener. I also love the vibe of any place that sells soda by the glass bottle. Might be one of my all time favorite photoshoot locations.
Also, I would REALLY like to point out that I am avoiding many many easy euphemisms while writing this post. Considering the large amount of times that I usually say "That's what she said" throughout the day, I'm gonna keep this short before one slips out. thatswhatshesaid Anyways, the shoot went exactly as fun as I thought it would! Just scroll to see what I'm talking about. 
Adelina just really needed a drink and to get out of those heels!

July 1, 2019

The One with Christmas in July

It's Christmas!
Just kidding. It's July, but don't you wish it were Christmas? Aren't you tired of sweating as soon as you open your door in the morning? Don't people constantly talk about "why can't it be Christmas all year" like all the time? I feel like they do. So I am bringing to you, what everyone really wants! Christmas posts year round! 
From Giphy.com

Warning: This session is filled with absolutely adorableness, so if you have baby fever, look no further. Medically, I have to tell you that baby fever is probably a side effect of these photos. I mean I can only imagine because I've never felt baby fever, but this kid is like real cute. So, to be fair, I totally warned you, and now I am medically not responsible for whatever decisions you make post viewing this cute Christmas babe.  Oh and there are some very sweet dogs below as well. 
View at your own risk.