July 30, 2020

Pool Daze

As soon a I saw the view of the pool from the top deck of the house, I immediately envisioned this photo and asked Des if she would help me out. I had brought the hat for her. $5 at H&M, but it didn't fit me, so of course I brought it to give to Des. I made her a lemonade slushie and put it into the perfectly supplied margarita glass and ran up to the deck. The hardest part was capturing her in the middle of the pool as she kept floating away. 
People asked if they should move their poolside supplies, but I feel like those help paint the picture. ART. 
I am terrified of heights, but I've found that I can keep my sweaty hands from getting too bad if I'm holding my camera. #diditforthegram. I leaned over the wooden railing, but that still wasn't far enough out over the water, so I turned on my live view screen, wrapped the strap tightly around my wrist, and reached out my, finally good for something, awkwardly long arms. GOT IT!
A big shout out to my sister for loving modeling as much as I love photographing. 

July 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter Movement

I feel like it's time to get back to Instagram and maybe even blogging. Not really blogging though. Posting here just seemed like the easiest way to get all of my thoughts down in one place without rambling on my Instagram story.

A little over a month ago, I posted the black square with the majority of other users on Instagram. But that square didn't feel like enough to me. I felt like the right thing for me to do was to be silent and listen and learn. Everything I thought about posting even for a second felt wrong, like there was nothing that I could say that was right or helpful. I chose to mute my Instagram so that my posts wouldn't be diluting the actually important things that were being posted and so that I could take some time to reflect on how I can be better. I didn't plan out an exact amount of time to stay silent. I waited until I felt uncomfortable not posting, because I often go weeks without posting. Once I actually wanted to post again, I made myself wait longer to continue focusing on more important things and ways to better myself. I now feel comfortable to start posting my normal content again, but first I want to share a few things that have been meaningful to me. I'm saving them here to share with all of you and also for me to have easy access to come back and reflect.

My thoughts:

This is the best way that I can sum up how I feel about the Black Lives Matter movement:
If I were talking about how Pancreatic Cancer, which just reached a 10% 5 year survival rate and killed my dad, is the worst cancer and needs more attention and more funding, and anyone came up to me and said, "That sucks, but all cancer sucks and needs more attention." I'd probably punch that person in the dick. Yes, good job, all cancer sucks, but Pancreatic Cancer barely gets any attention (comparatively) and is statistically the worst one. People who have been affected by or had a loved one affected by any other type of cancer have every right to disagree with me, of course. But would you go out of your way to post something against Pancreatic Cancer getting more attention? Would you hang an anti-Pancreatic Cancer flag? Probably not. Would you attack me on social media for my opinion? Maybe, but you'd look like a real dick if you did.
Now replace all the Pancreatic Cancers in here with just being a person of color in America.

Things that I've been reflecting on:

This one may have sparked my Instagram silence. Ivirlei talks about standing up and being uncomfortable. She talks about a lot of what I'm still working on. I also love how much you can tell that she truly cares and has thought all of this through.

I shoot with Tiffany regularly, and she has been an amazing guide through these past weeks. She has been heavily advocating for all types of clothing, cosmetic, and other brands to be more diverse. As a photographer, I quickly notice when a brand is one dimensional with the people who model their clothing, but Tiffany is actually taking action to make this change by calling brands out.
Mindy Kaling reshared this, and I feel like it perfectly captures how I've been feeling.

I love Chicks in the Office, and I have loved their stand. This speech meant a lot to me, and inspired my thoughts on how this relates to Pancreatic Cancer.
Fletcher is an AMAZING singer, and I love the caption of this post because it is how I've been feeling too.
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as a privileged white woman, i realize that my voice is not the one that needs to be heard right now. i am listening, learning, reading, watching, signing, calling, donating. i am learning my place in this and how to be a better ally to the black community. . i also recognize that the real change is going to come from the conversations and the actions that are happening offline and taken to the real world. the ones people on social media can’t see, when we can’t perform through a story post or a retweet. it’s in the uncomfortable convos. the difficult ones. the self investigating ones. the ones about the unpacking, undoing, unlearning of centuries of systemic oppression and racism that is engrained in the very fibers of our beings and our systems. there is so much work to do. . though i cannot tell anyone how to feel, i do have to say this: the fight for racial injustice right now is not a topic that is up for debate. this is a humanitarian issue. people are dying. it is not a matter of which party you identify with, or your news outlet of choice or if you are left or right. caring about the life of someone else does not make you political, it makes you human. it means you have a god damn heart. and i’m begging you to fucking use it. it costs you absolutely nothing to be able to say to someone “i see you, i hear you, you deserve to live and your life matters.” empathy is free. . and if you don’t know what to say, that is ok, i don’t either. but we have to be willing to make mistakes, and then go back and correct it. it is more important to show up imperfectly than to not show up at all. and when we’re not sure what to say...we will listen. to Black children, Black women, Black men, non-binary Black people, queer Black people, trans Black people. ALL of them. because their lives literally depend on it. be on the right side of history. . i will keep sharing resources, and amplifying voices that are more important than my own. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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I don't know how I came across this post. It was probably something that I saw get shared, but it definitely resonated with me and reminded me that this is similar to how different people grieve in different ways. 

July 19, 2019

The One with Hot Dogs and Diamonds

As soon as Zoe and Greg got engaged, this engagement shoot concept popped into my head. Zoe loves hot dogs more than a competitive eater, so why not shoot engagement photoshoot at a hot dog joint? Luckily, I was already planning a visit to this sweet family's new home, so it was perfect timing (good job Greg). I told them to take us to their favorite hot dog spot for the shoot, and Johnny's Hot Dogs did not disappoint. I got so many delicious topping because I'm a "pile it on" type of girl, and I will say that was one delicious wiener. I also love the vibe of any place that sells soda by the glass bottle. Might be one of my all time favorite photoshoot locations.
Also, I would REALLY like to point out that I am avoiding many many easy euphemisms while writing this post. Considering the large amount of times that I usually say "That's what she said" throughout the day, I'm gonna keep this short before one slips out. thatswhatshesaid Anyways, the shoot went exactly as fun as I thought it would! Just scroll to see what I'm talking about. 
Adelina just really needed a drink and to get out of those heels!

July 1, 2019

The One with Christmas in July

It's Christmas!
Just kidding. It's July, but don't you wish it were Christmas? Aren't you tired of sweating as soon as you open your door in the morning? Don't people constantly talk about "why can't it be Christmas all year" like all the time? I feel like they do. So I am bringing to you, what everyone really wants! Christmas posts year round! 
From Giphy.com

Warning: This session is filled with absolutely adorableness, so if you have baby fever, look no further. Medically, I have to tell you that baby fever is probably a side effect of these photos. I mean I can only imagine because I've never felt baby fever, but this kid is like real cute. So, to be fair, I totally warned you, and now I am medically not responsible for whatever decisions you make post viewing this cute Christmas babe.  Oh and there are some very sweet dogs below as well. 
View at your own risk.

June 23, 2019

The One with the Giveaway

Pictured is my attempt at being funny-cute while holding and wearing some of my very favorite things: champagne, The Office, and Two Roosters ice cream. After Caleb who is unfortunately not pictured, my favorite things go champagne, sushi, Two Roosters ice cream, The Office, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and other things.
Sooooooo my birthday is in a week, and honestly it gives me a lot of anxiety. It's not because of getting older. It's just that it reminds me that yet another year will go by without my dad to hug me and sing happy birthday to me.  But recently I was reminded that in hobbit culture, the birthday person gives gifts to those around them, those who come to celebrate with them and those who make their life worth living. Taking a lesson from Tolkien and trying to appreciate my birthday and the people that make my life so great instead of dreading it, I want to show my huge appreciation for all of you who support my love of photography even though I don’t post every day with the perfect hashtags and engagement like Instagram wants me to. 
So for my birthday, I’m going to do my first photo shoot giveaway. That’s right! A giveaway of a 30 minute shoot of whatever you want (within reason, let's not get too crazy). It could be of your family, newborn, maternity, best friends, love of your life, just you because you’re awesome, or just your dogs because they are even more awesome. There are so many possibilities! However, I want to give this shoot away to someone who truly deserves a free shoot. My favorite hobby is giving away shoots to people who deserve them (because photography used to be my favorite hobby, but now it’s technically a job? I guess). SO tag the person(s) that you believe deserve a free photoshoot. You and the person you tag will each get an entry to win a free shoot. You can’t tag yourself, but you can tag as many other people as you’d like (every comment gets one entry for the commenter and one for the tagged person). Multiple people can tag the same person for multiple entries. They get an extra entry if you include why they deserve to win a free photoshoot in your comment. They also get an extra entry if you explain in your stories why they deserve to win if you tag me and your nominee in the story. You (commenter or tagged) get an extra entry if you follow @gloryrozephotography. I will announce the chosen-at-random winner in my stories on my birthday, June 30th, so think of all your favorite people and get to tagging. 

Your shoot will be in 2019 and in or around Raleigh, NC.
Person A cannot tag Person A. (You can’t tag yourself.)
Person A can tag Person B or C or Z. (You can tag anyone else, and you both get one entry.)
Persons A, B, C, and D can all tag Person E. (Multiple people can tag the same person.)
Person A cannot tag Person B more than once. (Nominee gets one entry per person who tags them.)
Person A can tag Persons B, C, D, and E. (You can tag multiple people in multiple posts.)
An extra entry for Person B if Person A’s comment contains the reason why Person B deserves the shoot.
An extra entry for Person B if Person A tags @gloryrozephotography and @PersonB in a story explaining why Person B deserves a free shoot.

An extra entry if Person A, B, C, D, or E follows @gloryrozephotography (extra entry for the commenter if they follow @gloryrozephotography and an extra entry for the tagged person if they follow @gloryrozephotography.) 

If you wanna see me lookin like a damn fool tryna get one decent photo of myself via tripod in our apartment: 
way too excited to be taking pictures of myself 
Dropped The Office. NBD.