Thursday, January 12, 2017

The One with the McKnights

Family photoshoots are always so fun, especially when the main request is for me to take snow blowing pictures!  It also helps that this family was full of joyous smiles the entire time.  This shoot reminded me how important it is to have fun with my clients.  Fun leads to laughter, genuine smiles, and relaxed posture.  These things then lead to more natural looking photos.  As you can see through these pictures, my session with the McKnights was filled with fun, laughter, and happy faces, and I loved every minute of working with them and editing their photos!  I hope their smiling faces make you smile today too. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

The One with the Starbucks

I cannot say it enough.  I love to photograph people who are in love.  And these two beautiful people were no exception.  Their love for each other and their happiness together shines through their smiles and the ways that they look at each other.  I had such an amazing time capturing these looks through my lens.  If you can find someone who looks at you like these two look at each other, you'll know you've found your forever person.

Friday, December 30, 2016

The One with Next Year's Previews

I love Christmas.  It is by far my favorite holiday.  No, it is not because of the commercialization or cookies or because Elf is one of the best Will Ferrell movies to date.  "Bye Buddy. I hope you find your dad" is a quote that I use year round.  I honestly love Christmas the most because I get to show love to people through gift giving.  Every year, I contemplate what Christmas would be like if those wisemen had never shown up to meet Jesus with gifts.  What would we do? Just go to people's houses?  Comparatively, that is just not as fun as showing up to someone's house with an arm full of goodies wrapped in festive paper that is about to be torn to shreds and maybe some cookies.

I know that the Christmas season is technically over seeing as how it is now New Year's Eve, and at midnight a completely new year will begin to unravel.  However, I love to share photos from the shoots that I have which lead up to Christmas.  Because these sessions are primarily for Christmas cards or Christmas presents, I  don't post any of the photos until after Christmas.  So on this blog, Christmas is going to be lasting just a bit longer. 
So FA LA LA with me just a little more as you wait for the new year to arrive, and check out this little preview of some of the Christmas photo shoots from 2016 to keep you in the Christmas spirit with me all year!

Here's to 2017 and everything that is coming along with it!
"What's comin' will come, and we'll meet it when it does." -Rubeus Hagrid