The One with Jenny's Birthday Present

Over two years ago, my oldest sister became a Kvantas.  My first adjustment to this was trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce her new last name.  Who makes a word with a "k" and "v" next to each other? It almost seemed like a sort of language torture.  Now, it is one of my favorite words to hear, and "The Kvantas's are in town!" is one of my favorite phrases. When Grace and Justin got married, I did not only gain a superb brother-in-law who makes awesome food, but I also was blessed by his loving family.  So when I was given the opportunity to photograph this lovely and energetic family, I enthusiastically agreed.  We did a quick photo shoot with Jenny and some of her favorite people who ranged from the age of 9 months to 78 years.  Here are my favorite photos from our  "Happy 25th ;) Birthday Jenny" photo session.

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