The One with a Snowventure

I love snow.  Snow and the beach are the best places for fun and relaxing and pictures.  Snow may render my car unusable, strand me in my house, and shut down the entire city of Raleigh, but I love it.  Snow men, snow cream, snow angels, snow ball fights.  How could anyone not love it?  Okay, I guess I can understand why some people may not be obsessively in love with snow like I am.  Anyways, besides all of the previously mentioned snow fun things, I love to take pictures in the snow as well.  Because most adults do not adore playing in the snow with me, my lovely sister Destiny has been my snow companion ever since she learned what snow is.  These pictures are from our hours of playing in the snow yesterday during which we explored, had a snow ball fight, but forgot to make snow men, snow cream, and snow angels.  We figured we could do it today, but as the rest of Raleigh knows, it may be snow one day, but the next it will be ice.  Ice men, ice angels, and ice cream just don't work.  Well ice cream does, but not in the same way as snow cream.

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