The One a Month Later

Well, it has been a month since I last posted as I have been quite very busy.  In the past month, my brother got engaged, my older sister moved, I went to Bald Head Island, I visited my best friend in South Carolina, I flew to Florida to see my little sister and my uncle, I completed half of my online classes and started completely new ones, and I also have another job.  So this past month has been crazy.  I searched for any free time in which I could post and was obviously unsuccessful.  But finally here I am, typing again.  Hurrah! Free time at last! But even as I sit here I have a long list of things which I need to do during the rest of my free time today like shop for a Halloween costume and clean my apartment.  So for the next month, if I do have time to post, just keep in mind that the things I post probably happened at least one month earlier as I will be posting at a bit of a delay.
To sum it up so that I can get to my other tasks, I am not a perfect person nor will I pretend to be.  But it is necessary for me to be the best version of myself that I can be. And so, I will continue this as I promised myself that I would.  Here are some previews of posts which I look forward to sharing soon.

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