The One in Rose Colored Glasses

"February 14th, Valentine's Day, is about romance. But February 13th, Galentine's Day, is about celebrating lady friends. It's wonderful, and it should be a national holiday."
-Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation (Played by the amazing Amy Poehler)

If you have not heard of this wonderful holiday, I can only blame your telication (television education).  My bestie/roomie and I had both re-watched the Parks and Rec series within the past year, but she was the one with the genius idea to throw a Galentine's Day shindig with our favorite lady friends.  She asked me to co-host, and of course, I accepted.  For a few weeks, we discussed different options bouncing between holding the event in our apartment or at a restaurant along with who to invite, when to have it, and finally decorations and goodies.  We finally nailed down the who, when, and where after careful deliberation and created a Facebook event in order to invite our lovely lady friends.  To our delight, they responded with excitement even though most of them had never before heard of Galentine's Day.
Then the planning moved to decorations which naturally became Cammi's main concern while I naturally gravitated towards the goody bags.  When I say we naturally did these things, I am not exaggerating, we never set that either of us was dedicated to which things, it just happened on its own because I am awful at decorating, but Cammi loves it, and as I mentioned in my last post, I love gift giving.
After all this planning, which honestly was not as difficult as I had thought it might be, we were ready for the final product and definitely went into it with rose colored glasses.
Our lady friends, Galentine's Day Party, Village Grille, February 13th @ 7PM, because lady friends are awesome. 
Lights (not great), Camera (Check, but unfortunately unable to get pictures of all of our attendees), Action (without a hitch).

Thanks to my lovely co-host for the idea, the planning, the decorations, the wonderful handwriting, and the super corny but admittedly necessary toast ;) yewduhrilemveepee

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