The One with a Nap Time

Although photography is my favorite thing to do, it is not yet my main source of income.  I am lucky to have one of the best day jobs ever: getting to nanny my nephew J.  J is probably the best child in the world, and that is coming from an unbiased part of my heart, if there is one.  I have been babysitting since I was fourteen, so I have been around many children.  I can honestly say that he is one of the sweetest and best behaved children whom I have ever had the privilege of taking care of.  Of course he pushes my buttons at times, but he also is genuinely sorry when he upsets anyone.  He will make a great brother, friend, husband, and parent one day.  
at one and a half years old
J loves my camera.  He always has.  He may be slightly obsessed.  I can't take it out without having him bombard me requesting to take pictures of him or to let him take pictures of things.  
So when he turned three, I knew exactly what he would love to do for his last birthday as an only child: photo shoot!

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