The One with the Emerald

As a photographer, there are some joys that I experience that I am not sure other people would fully understand.  One of these amazing feelings is when I snap a picture and just know that it was a really good one.  Another one of these strong yet small inward joys comes when I receive a new piece of equipment which I could only equate to the feeling of a child on Christmas morning.  I recently purchased a new lens, and oh man was I overly excited about it!  My new lens is small but mighty.  He (his name is Mighty Mouse) isn't intimidating to the person in front of the lens, yet he allows me to capture such pretty pictures.  The day that my Amazon box arrived (always a good feeling regardless of the contents) I immediately asked my go to model, Cammi, if she was free for a shoot to try out my new obsession.  We have this thing for the NC Art Museum, so we chose to go there for our mini shoot.  It was the middle of the day, the place was surprisingly packed, but the lighting ended up being great, and the images are golden, or more like emerald just like the beautiful Cameron.  

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