The One with Baby Ava's Lifestyle

Nothing shows who you are more than your own house, and people are always more comfortable at home which really shows through truly genuine smiles.  This is why I am all about lifestyle photo shoots, especially when couples have itty bitty babies.  I love getting to know my clients and show who they truly are through the photos that I take.  It also helps to have a baby in her comfortable environment and close to all necessary feeding, changing, and sleeping necessities since you never know what mood a baby will be in or how well she will have eaten or slept leading up to the shoot.  

During my weekend staying with this sweet family in Charleston, little baby Avanell was such a wonderful and beautiful model, just like her amazing parents.  Ava was so ready for her closeups and loved smiling at the camera.  We even got Lilly pup to join in on the shoot (yet another reason why lifestyle shoots rock: pets get to be more involved!).  Thank you so much for inviting me into your lovely home and allowing me to stand on your bed to capture these photos of your precious little princess.

I simply could not condense my favorites from this weekend into one post, so tune in next week for photos from my shoot with the Elliott family at the Battery in Charleston!

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