The One when Nothing Could Be Finer

The 150th North Carolina State Fair: Nothing Could Be Finer
I don't know who came up with the catch phrase for the 150th birthday of the NC State Fair, but I feel the same way.  I love the fair.  Well, I hate rides, being outside, dirt, touching random people, weird smells, etc. BUT you just can't get the feel of the fair anywhere else.  I mean the food alone makes it worth all the things. Plus you can people watch, get lots of steps on your Fitbit, see some really awesome exhibits, and local art (the photography competition is my favorite).  The overall joyous feeling that everyone at the fair has just makes me happy to be there. And for this reason, I have always wanted to shoot a couple at the fair.  So when it aligned that I would be able to do so, I was elated, and getting to share these photos makes me ever more happy!
If only the fair lasted longer than 10 days, I would shoot there way more often.  Can't wait to see how much finer the fair is for its 151st next year.

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