The One with the Holiday Party How To

How To: Host the BEST Holiday Party
I love to throw parties! If it were up to me, I would spend every holiday at my own home with delicious food and spoiling all of my favorite people. So here are just a few tips and tricks to making sure that your party is the BEST!
Holiday Party Tip #1: Find another amazing person to co-host.
Hosting a party can be pretty hard and can get a bit stressful. Rope in your better half, best friend, or other creatives to aid with the less glamorous parts of party planning. I got to host this styled shoot with the beautiful Jade of Jade Marion Hair and Ashley of Beauty by Ashley Prins
Holiday Party Tip #2: Find the perfect location. 
My go to location for a party is my own home. But when you host a party annually or for multiple holidays per year, it's nice to have a change of location. We chose to decorate the beautiful Morris Peaceland Farm this year, and it looked so good in Christmas decor!
Holiday Party Tip #3: Pick a color scheme.
Decor is important but also depends on the location.  For Christmas and New Years, my favorite accent color is gold. so we went with a ruby red, emerald green, and gold color scheme. This helps so much when choosing each aspect of decor from the chargers and goldware to specialty beverages and party favors.
Holiday Party Tip #4: Purchase personalized party favors. 
This is my favorite party of party planning. I will use any excuse to get gifts for the people I love, especially personalized gifts! The best way to get personalized yet uniform gifts for people is to find a talented calligrapher like Christin of CK Creations
Holiday Party Tip #5: Dessert is the real star of the show.
Yes, I skip the rest of the menu and focus on dessert. Always. The appetizers and entrees will vary depending on what type of dinner you decide to go with, sit down, family style, buffet, etc. But the dessert is what really steals the show. Two Roosters makes the most delicious ice cream. No joke, no exaggeration. The. Best. Their local ingredient flavors make for wonderful individual pints for guests or for sharing and trying all of the delicious options. 
Holiday Party Tip #6: Dress code. 
If you have ever shown up to a party and been the only person in costume, not in costume, or the only person wearing a dress or, in my case, the only person wearing jeans, you will understand the importance of a dress code. My preferred dress code is casual, jeans for everyone! But it is so fun to give people a reason to get dressed up and feel good about themselves. Morgan of Southern Belle Boutique provided some gorgeous options for all dress codes. 
Holiday Party Tip #7: Relax. 
After everyone arrives, the food is out, and the decor is up, remember that this is a party. So have fun with your loved ones! And in the end, be sure that you had more fun at the party than stress planning it.

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