The One in Winston Salem

If you haven't visited Winston Salem, you are truly missing out. To be honest, it wasn't a place that I used to think of as a good weekend trip location. However, after my first stay in Winston Salem, I couldn't wait to return! They have so much to do that during both visits, we have missed out on something that we had planned to go to because we were too busy doing other awesome stuff! Both of my trips were with a couple of my blogger friends, Meghan and Angela. These photos share the story of what we did in chronological order. If you would like to read further into the story of what we did on our most recent trip, see the links to Meghan and Angela's posts at the bottom of this page! A BIG THANKS to Winston Salem for hosting us and to all of the people who took the time to sit down and spend time with us!!

WARNING: photos may cause excessive hunger, watering of the mouth, and desire to visit Winton Salem, NC as soon as possible.

Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen, & Bar
Finger lickin' good! I think I ate most of our appetizers, because I can't say no to bread with spreads. Their appetizers are their best asset in my opinion. Though I did also drink a cucumber cocktail that was quite refreshing even though I absolutely abhor cucumbers. 

I'm not really the type to stay somewhere with "historic" in the title. But this place does have a free wine hour which is a big win in my mind. 

There's just something about Mary. This place was really eclectic. The mugs are all different, like someone pulls them right out of Mary's cupboard, which I love. And these biscuits smothered in gravy are a 100% would-order-again.

My favorite activity right here! I learned so much about chocolate, for real. Our guide was the tits, for.real. And we also got to eat and drink chocolate, FOR REAL! Do this!

I made two purchases here which I absolutely loved! One was a sherpa quarter zip sweater for $25! The other was one of those see-it-and-know-exactly-who-you-have-to-buy-it-for gifts: a handmade clay mug with a hand cubby instead of a handle! So basically it had a little part where you put your hand in to hold the mug but also it keeps your hand warm! Had to buy it for my father in law for Christmas. Spoiler: he loved it!

We spent a lot of time here because the food was AMAZING, and the people were so cool! I would travel to Winston Salem for this food alone. 

Delicious, delicious, delicious. We were in a bit of a rush here to get to our tour, but I scarfed down all the things. Again, I would go back just to eat this food and drink this Irish coffee. 

Not my favorite thing, but I also have no interest in learning about history unless it's something that I randomly find super interesting like the history of serial killers or the creator of the toilet seat. For example, if they had mentioned the Salem witch trials at all, my ears might have perked up a bit.  Also, taking photos in straight up only candle lit rooms is not very satisfying for me. This reminded me a little bit about Hermione's idea for a SPEW fundraiser in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
For those of you who didn't read the books, she has the idea to have a sponsored scrub of the Gryffindor common room so that people will really know what it feels like to be a house elf to raise money for her organization SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare). We "made" biscuits, clay glasses, and cookies... kind of. 

Visit Winston Salem also got us wonderful gift baskets filled with locally made goodies!

It's our favorite Winston Salemer, Drew! We met him at our first stay in Winston Salem. Basically, he makes anywhere that he works worth the visit. Also the owners of Twin City were superb! I'm not sure we have ever had a warmer welcome to any place that we have visited. We learned so much just in that short amount of time, and all while sipping on delicious beverages. 

Did you say vineyard? Then you know I'm down. This was a great last stop on our way back to Raleigh. Their restaurant serves up a slammin' dish. And their mini pumpkin donut dessert wasn't at all what I was expecting. It came in a wine glass, and it was scrumptious! If you do the tasting, GO TO OLGA. We got so lucky with all of the people we came into contact during this trip, and she was just the cherry on top. She makes the tasting so interesting and funny. She deserves a raise. 

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