January 27, 2019

The One with Karissa: Senior Soccer Superstar

The coolest kid I've ever known is now in college, and I'm feeling super old. When I was in high school, Karissa was in elementary school, and we became best buds! She's always been the coolest and kindest kid around, and now she has grown into the coolest and kindest college kid there ever was. She's crushing it at soccer and literally everything else, of course. This senior session was an absolute blast getting to capture her personality through outfit changes and soccer kicks, and we also lucked out by finding an adorable puppy to hold. I count myself blessed to be able to know this lady and to have gotten to have fun with her for these senior photos.

January 20, 2019

The One with an Old Friend and New Sister

In approximately 2012, we used to sit on my bed and talk about how we could all become sisters. Me and my three best friends: Tori, Cammi, and Alicia. We would talk about who would have to marry who in order for us to all be real life sisters, and we would laugh at the prospects of any of them having to marry my brothers. I don't think any of us actually thought that we would in reality become sisters. It was a shits and giggles situation because we were as close as siblings and wished for it to be a reality. None of us could have guessed where we would be in 2019. Even when Alicia got a glimpse of Caleb's brother at my 20th birthday celebration, and then begged Caleb to set them up, even then none of us would have believed this. That Alicia and I will be real life sisters!!!! Benjamin knew what he had and knew his only option for having a good life was to lock down this gorgeous friend of mine. And I couldn't be any more excited for my final sister addition. It's a dream come true! Not only for these two to finally get hitched, but also for us to actually become sisters! It's crazy. The twists and turns of life that you would never expect, especially when one of those is something you've talked about for so long. 
Thank God her mom forced her to go on that church trip in the summer of 2009 where we became friends.
See the last 2 pictures for a real life glow up.

Glowup: 2009 selfie pic to 2018 Blissmore Photography magic
Only 9 years and 13 days apart.

The Book Club One with Truly Madly Guilty

Full disclosure I wrote the below review in February of 2018. Now it is almost a year later. OOPS. Since I wrote this, I have finished reading all of Liane Moriarty's books. AND I have her newest book, Nine Perfect Strangers, in my queue right now. I love Moriarty's writing even more than I did when I read Truly Madly Guilty. She amazes me. And I can't wait to break into Nine Perfect Strangers!

Book #5

This book's title really encompasses each character, and I truly, madly love that each character of the novel is an example of the title. Since watching Big Little Lies, I have made it my goal to read all of Liane Moriarty's books. The way she writes from each character's perspective fuels my insomniatic reading. This was the third book of hers that I have read. I found it at Goodwill for $1 and got all giddy to take it home and get through it as quickly as possible. I will confess, that I saw the big event coming from a mile away, thank you context clues. And the ending was mostly predictable besides a few small factors that I hadn't guessed in my head. While I do not particularly like reading or watching anything that I can guess the end of, the reason that I love to read Liane's books is that they are somewhat of a murder mystery without detective work.  Basically, I go into the book trying to detect my way to discovering the end before I reach it. This one just happened to be easier to figure out.  I don't want to give too much away, so this book report will be short. But you should definitely read it. Five stars for sure. I loved reading it, own it, and will read it again (to see what additional foreshadowing I missed this first time). And I would recommend the book to anyone who reads anything.


I recently discovered a blog with so many reading recommendations and now my list is fully occupied.
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The Death of Mrs. Westaway
By Ruth Ware

January 13, 2019

The One with the Chipotle Bride

In November, I got to be the maid of honor in my little sister/BFFL's wedding. Helping her plan her wedding and getting to stand by her side, those were some of the most important jobs that I got to be a part of in 2018. Plus, I got to test out her hair and makeup by taking some fun bridal portraits! We walked around J.C. Raulston Arboretum and made sure that her beauty would shine in different types of light and poses. It was so fun to capture her beauty while also finding new spots at a great location. We worked up quite an appetite and thought we should stop by Lydia and her future hubby's favorite spot: Chipotle. When I say that these two love Chipotle, I don't say it lightly. They LOVE Chipotle.  When they dated long distance and would visit each other, they would eat at Chipotle together multiple times per trip.  We even had Chipotle catered for Lydia's bridal shower. Lydia had to go in with her dress on because she unfortunately didn't have a change of clothes. Of course, I thought that would be an amazing photo op! Luckily, the workers at the new Chipotle in North Hills were absolute sweethearts! They all kept congratulating Lydia and telling her how gorgeous she looked. They guessed that we had to be sisters, which I of course took as a great compliment. Seriously, these workers were the best and were incredibly kind and generous. It was totally worth all of the stares we got from the rest of the patrons. Do you have a restaurant that you would go into just because you need it in your life no matter what? 
Hair and makeup: Makeup by Ashley Mooney