The One with an Old Friend and New Sister

In approximately 2012, we used to sit on my bed and talk about how we could all become sisters. Me and my three best friends: Tori, Cammi, and Alicia. We would talk about who would have to marry who in order for us to all be real life sisters, and we would laugh at the prospects of any of them having to marry my brothers. I don't think any of us actually thought that we would in reality become sisters. It was a shits and giggles situation because we were as close as siblings and wished for it to be a reality. None of us could have guessed where we would be in 2019. Even when Alicia got a glimpse of Caleb's brother at my 20th birthday celebration, and then begged Caleb to set them up, even then none of us would have believed this. That Alicia and I will be real life sisters!!!! Benjamin knew what he had and knew his only option for having a good life was to lock down this gorgeous friend of mine. And I couldn't be any more excited for my final sister addition. It's a dream come true! Not only for these two to finally get hitched, but also for us to actually become sisters! It's crazy. The twists and turns of life that you would never expect, especially when one of those is something you've talked about for so long. 
Thank God her mom forced her to go on that church trip in the summer of 2009 where we became friends.
See the last 2 pictures for a real life glow up.

Glowup: 2009 selfie pic to 2018 Blissmore Photography magic
Only 9 years and 13 days apart.

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