The One with the Last Chance Maternity

When I first heard from Jenine about doing a maternity photoshoot, I immediately felt that this shoot was very important. She explained that this would probably be her last pregnancy, but she had never had maternity photos done during her previous pregnancies. I believe that everyone deserves photos to document this journey, especially the beginning of it! All humans start here, in a mother's belly. Your mom carried you around with her, uncomfortably, for over nine months! That's crazy. Women are magical beings. Your mom let you feed off of her so that you could be alive right now, reading this blog post. Crazy. For anyone who likes having kids, this is a very cherished time. Mother and child will never be closer than they are during pregnancy. And all women deserve to have this magic captured so that they can look back and remember it vividly. Forever. Suffice to say, I am super honored to have been able to be the only person who got to capture this pregnant beauty. 

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