The One with the Remote Shutter

This past year I married into an amazing family. A few months later, my new brother in law proposed to one of my best friends from high school! They will be the last of the four siblings to get married, and we are all so incredibly excited! With the two of us gals being officially added to the family, we decided to take family photos with everyone included. Luckily, I purchased a remote shutter release for my Nikon D800 this year, so I got to utilize it to take the family photo which was super exciting for me! It was a really unique challenge: an extended family photoshoot in which I must be in some of the photos. I have to admit, it is a little more difficult to notice small issues in the photo when you aren't behind the camera. For example, if someone moves even a little bit out of position in a large group photo, they could block another person. Also, it is problematic to get a one year old to look at the camera when it's just a black box off in the distance and everyone she knows is standing around her. Fortunately, I'm sort of an expert at Photoshop. So it turned out fine in the end. 
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Really, I did have to photoshop a few faces, but nothing too serious. I held down my remote shutter button so that the camera would take burst shots. Therefore, I had a good chance of getting at least one shot of each person with a smile on their face, and it all worked out perfectly! Growing up, I always thought that people just automatically disliked their in laws. That's how it always goes on TV, right? But I am so friggin blessed to finally be a Thompson, and to have an entire family of in laws that are absolute gems and nothing to complain about like the movies always had me believe.

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