The One with the Chipotle Bride

In November, I got to be the maid of honor in my little sister/BFFL's wedding. Helping her plan her wedding and getting to stand by her side, those were some of the most important jobs that I got to be a part of in 2018. Plus, I got to test out her hair and makeup by taking some fun bridal portraits! We walked around J.C. Raulston Arboretum and made sure that her beauty would shine in different types of light and poses. It was so fun to capture her beauty while also finding new spots at a great location. We worked up quite an appetite and thought we should stop by Lydia and her future hubby's favorite spot: Chipotle. When I say that these two love Chipotle, I don't say it lightly. They LOVE Chipotle.  When they dated long distance and would visit each other, they would eat at Chipotle together multiple times per trip.  We even had Chipotle catered for Lydia's bridal shower. Lydia had to go in with her dress on because she unfortunately didn't have a change of clothes. Of course, I thought that would be an amazing photo op! Luckily, the workers at the new Chipotle in North Hills were absolute sweethearts! They all kept congratulating Lydia and telling her how gorgeous she looked. They guessed that we had to be sisters, which I of course took as a great compliment. Seriously, these workers were the best and were incredibly kind and generous. It was totally worth all of the stares we got from the rest of the patrons. Do you have a restaurant that you would go into just because you need it in your life no matter what? 
Hair and makeup: Makeup by Ashley Mooney

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