The One with an Ice Bucket

My sweet little sister nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a current trend on social media all over the United States.  I found out after 23 hours that I had been nominated, so the 24 hour cut off was a no go, but after two days, I did finally complete the challenge. I wanted to do something at least a little bit different than every other video, but my only idea was pictures. So that is what I did.
But first, I want to challenge you all to take into account what this challenge means.  To me this challenge was a fad for sure, but it also sent a message.  A message that donating is important.  I know some people who donated so they wouldn't have to do the challenge, some that did the challenge and didn't donate, and some that completed the challenge and donated as well.  I am choosing to do the challenge to continue the feed of donating to charity.  It does not have to be ALS, but to me donating is the most important part of this challenge.  So along with my completion of this challenge, I am choosing to donate to a charity near and dear to my heart, a charity that spreads awareness and funds research for Alzheimer's and Dementia. If you would like to join me in supporting this cause here is the link.  If not, I urge you to go out and find a cause that you believe in and lend your helping hand.
Here is my video:
Here are the pictures: (thanks to my lovely assistant, Gabriel)
Me, so blissfully happy and naive. 
 Realizing that there really is a bucket of ice water tipping above my head by my own will.
 The moment when it first made a connection with my brain.
And finally, I call this "wet dog with a brain freeze."

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