The One with LKG

For almost a decade, my parents have owned a house in Macon, North Carolina which sits peacefully on the shore of Lake Gaston, referred to as LKG by bumper stickers everywhere.  (If you have never seen an LKG bumper sticker, you should maybe get out more.)  Although I generally prefer the beach to the lake, Gaston is close, convenient, and generally clean.  Although there are many things to do at the lake, I really only go to have fun with the people I love.  But I think that my favorite part of going to Lake Gaston is taking pictures.  Photography is funnest when it involves happy people and beautiful scenery.  I may never jump off of the second story deck into the glassy water, enjoy a deathly ride on a tube, or figure out how to water ski, but I will always have fun at LKG.

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