The One with a Decade of Pain

This year marks one decade of family trips up to Lake Gaston.  LKG has become a home away from home for all of us during the summer and is probably my mom's favorite place in the entire world. I have known that I would write about this past decade at the lake all week, but I did not know which angle to take yet as there are many.  But as I stressed through tests and papers this week, I knew I needed something to make me laugh, and so I needed this post to not contain any smiles.  You see, it is not always rainbows and sunshine out on the loch.  No, it is often riddled with pain, hurt, and screaming.  That's right, the lake can be painful, but most say that it is worth it.  Tubing has been tradition for almost every single caravan who has visited the lake house regardless of this pain.  Many different friends and family members have endured my mother's and brothers' boat driving skills, and almost all have survived.  So in order to celebrate one of the greatest tangible blessings in my life, I have compiled a group of the best tubing pictures that I have taken over the past ten years.

Disclaimer: The images you are about to see are not happy pictures.  These depict stories of pain and torture.  Look and laugh at your own risk.

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