The One with a Same Year's Resolution

When I started this website, I told myself that I would try to photograph and post once a week for me.  Regardless of whether anyone reads it or looks at it or likes it, I like to write, I like to photograph, I like to edit, so for me I wanted to do this.  At midnight on January first, I even made this my 2015 New Year's Resolution.  Yet here I am, realizing that I did not even come close.  Even when I do get to take pictures, I just do not have time to write and post them.  So now that I have literally no free time between work and school and the people I love, I find myself needing this.  Needing to post, needing something that is just me.  So here I am saying I am going to do it this time.   I am going to post once a week or AT LEAST every other week.  This time I am going to do this.  I am.  Or at least I am hopeful that I am.  Well, only time will tell.  But I am SWAMPED this week so this counts for this week's post.  I will be back here next week with a Labor Day post.
In honor of throwback Thursday (#tbt), here are some pictures that I took with my cute, little, purple point-and-shoot Kodak in the 00's which I found and edited this summer.

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