The One with All the Tutus

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a newborn photoshoot before my Justin Bieber experience.  Mallory is one of those babies that is just beautiful, which is actually kind of funny because she looks almost exactly like her older brother Colton did when I got to take his newborn pictures.  I guess Jamie and Garrett just make beautiful babies (someone's gotta do it).  This lovely couple had inquired about a photoshoot about a month prior to Mallory's due date.  However, the sweet babe took her time which coincidentally put her two week birthday almost on the exact day of the Justin Bieber concert.  Turns out God and Mallory's timing was better than ours, and I would already be in Greensboro for the perfect day to do a photoshoot.  Unfortunately, Mallory was a bit cranky because she couldn't get a ticket to the Bieber concert.  We were all a little bit worried that we would not be able to get many good pictures, and so we threw around ideas of maybe doing another shoot as we all worked together to keep Mallory as happy as possible.  I'll let you be the judge, but I would say that we got some pretty good gems even if Mallory wasn't really into it.
One thing that I really loved about this shoot was that you can tell Mallory is already so loved not only by her immediate family but also by family friends and extended family as well.  Pretty much every item in these pictures is from someone who loves the Shavers and wanted to dote on new baby Mallory, the basket of tutus even came from Garrett's sisters' from when they danced growing up.

Her first ever selfie^

Think Think Think

ermehgersh a pink boa!
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