The One without Thunder

If there is one thing that I have always wanted to capture as a photographer, it is a lightning storm at the beach.  Somehow I am never lucky enough to have a lightning storm greet the ocean before me eyes.  However, Falls Lake can also be pretty.  The other night, Raleigh had the rarity of being able to watch an amazing lightning storm from afar without any of the thunder or rain.  I was in awe.  As I was driving home and noticed the lightning storm in the distance, I knew exactly what I had to do: get home ASAP while also scouting locations, grab my camera, and get back to the best viewing spot, all while praying to God that the lightning would continue.  Well it did, and I was super excited.  I really get excited any time that I get to use the "bulb" setting on my camera.  I toyed with a few different settings on my camera and posted up outside of some unfortunate people's home and started shooting and watching the amazing lighting masterpiece that had taken over a small portion of the Raleigh night sky.  About ten minutes later, a cop pulled up to ask what I was doing parked in front of the house and slightly in the middle of the street.  I explained, and he told me I was "the eighteenth person" he had spoken to who was taking photos of the lightning storm.  He was kind and told me that he hoped I got some great ones, and then he let me be.  Well thank you kind sir, because I did get some cool pictures.

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