The One with SEU Volleyball's Biggest Fan

Anyone who has had a full conversation with my dad since 2013 undoubtedly knows that Lydia plays volleyball at Southeastern University in Florida.  I could bet that he talked about how great she is at volleyball and how he would fly down for every weekend game and any weekday game that he could possibly make.  He probably told you that she is an outside hitter and possibly even her current stats.  He maybe even mentioned the stats of her teammates or the fact that he had his car rental, hotel reservation, and flights all mapped out to a tee along with his GPS and printed out MapQuest of all of the game destinations.  If you were really lucky, you may have gotten to be with him at one of Lydia’s games, heard him yell at refs, cheer on the girls, and stand up clapping at any exciting plays.  He knew all of the names, numbers, and stats of every girl on Lydia’s team and often her opponents’ as well.  He could hold a full conversation on the strengths of each girl’s style of play, even down to their hitting patterns and usual rotations.  Southeastern Volleyball was my dad’s favorite hobby, and he was most definitely their biggest fan in more ways than one. 

Tonight at 7, Southeastern has dedicated a game to this amazing man who flew 1200 miles round trip just to catch one game, even for games when Lydia was injured and may not even get to play.  To say that I am honored is a huge understatement.  I am honored to be his daughter, to be able to say that my dad was a man who was this dedicated to all of our sporting events, and to be Lydia’s sister and be almost as proud of her as my dad was. Thank you to Southeastern University for this amazing honor and for showing love and support for my sister and family for the past six months.  Lydia’s volleyball team and Southeastern family have been her closest support system away from home and shown her love during the hardest time of our lives.  I cannot thank them enough for being there for her when we cannot be.

I so wanted to be there tonight, but watching the game online with my siblings will have to suffice.   If you would like to watch the game online tonight too, here is how: 1) go to 2)scroll down to find the Sep 27 Women’s Volleyball match under Current Events 3) click the little red video next to the event name for the live video.  The dedication will take place between the second and third sets.
Here is our dad in the background always watching intensely 

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