The One with Spenser and Jessica and Looooove

I love love.  I love celebrating love, being around loving people, and especially capturing the love between people with photos.  I sometimes think that I use the word love far too often.  I love coffee and I love sugar and I love my friends and my family.  But some people say that using the L word so often dilutes the meaning of it.  I waiver between this belief and between the thought that life is too short not to love everything.  I definitely believe in different types and degrees of love, but I don't think it is wrong that I love everything Harry Potter while I also love many actually real human beings as well.  Love is love, but no love is the same.  
Have I used enough cliche love quotes yet? Nope.


My session with Jessica and Spenser embodied this quote.  All three of us laughed multiple times during the shoot, from their nervous laughter to my doubling over as Spenser tried to put spider webs on Jessica.  At the same time, there was so much love.  This pair is so sweet, not only to each other but also to anyone who may be lucky enough to hang out with them.  Being around them, you can't help but smile.  They were so thankful and are always so fun, and I think you can see a glimpse of their love in these photos.  

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