The One with the Lanterns

Yet another shoot that was in my mind for years has come to reality!
The first time I ever saw a photo from the North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival, I immediately wanted to shoot there. This year, I finally got one of my awesome model friends to go with me! Ignoring the sleet and the cold, we walked around and stood in front of these giant, magical lanterns. It was everything I had hoped for! I only wish it were larger.
So to anyone who is interested in going, I have some tips. First, there is a student discount, so take your ID if you've got one. Second, the mac'n'cheese, pretzels, and spiked hot cocoa are some delicious treats for your walk through the forest of lanterns or for a break while watching the performances. Third, there are performances! On the stage, I think every hour or half hour, and they are pretty impressive. Fourth, it's really not very large, we were there for maybe a little bit over an hour, and we were taking photos and sat down to eat while watching the show. I wouldn't go without the purpose of shooting, and now that I've gone, I probably won't go back next year. (Unless it changes every year? If you know, leave me a message in the comments) 
But if you like walks through lit up handmade creatures, this place has everything for you!
In 2018, I'm looking to go to the hot air balloon festival and somewhere with the floating lanterns that you light! Leave me a comment if you are interested or have any advice!
He's a catch!
This is what the lanterns see all day

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