The One with the Blogger Baby

This past year, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to photograph one of my favorite bloggers as she became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Early last year, Angela told me she was pregnant, and I was so pumped for her! I don't have any kids{thankfully}, but for people who want them, I know it is such a weird but wonderful rollercoaster. While I was choosing what photos to use in this post (which was SUPER difficult btw because there are SO many), I was remembering all of our talks and laughs about the awesomes and the awfuls of pregnancy and birth and babies. I have had enough pregnant people around me to know about the dark side of having a baby, and I strongly believe that if pregnant women could teach a high school class about what it's like to have something grow inside of you, there would be far less teen pregnancy.  But anyways, pregnancy is fabulous in its own way, and Angela definitely proved that! 
Here is a little recap of our time spent together documenting this sweet time of her life. Let's begin with this large pink balloon which was a little bit of an unplanned foreshadow.
Flower crown, baby balloon, baby bump, doggy, how could anyone go wrong with this fabulous recipe for a pregnancy announcement?!

This was the first time that we ever took baby bump posed photos.
Oh no ... here come all the feels!
When you know what you are having but are still just so surprised!

Just a few (give or take ten) of my favorite maternity outfit shots:
Maternity photos at my favorite Christmas tree farm!
Hurray for December babies!
Some more of my favorites!

Our last maternity outfit 😢
And then there were three.
And they lived happily ever after 🖤

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