The One with Charlotte's Lifestyle

I've said it once, I'll say it a bunch (probably not a million) times. Lifestyle photos. are. my. favorite. shoots. It is so fun! The family is so much more themselves than if they were to get all gussied up to be in public with a newborn, which is basically the last thing anyone with a newborn wants to do in the first place. The lifestyle that Charlotte has created for her parents was fun to capture of course, but this was no normal newborn lifestyle shoot because Charlotte is now a bloggy baby (the baby of a blogger). It wasn't the life she chose; it's the life she was born for! She is quite the little model. See photos below for proof. 
While I was culling for this post, I realized just how many photos I have with Angela before Char joined us in the real world. So next week, I will be sharing about the time I got to spend shooting with Angela from finding out she was pregnant to welcoming this angel to the world. For now, here is Charlotte's life with her wonderful parents and pretty puppy. 

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