The One with the Many Mountains

This past weekend, I was able to hang with my oldest friends down in South Carolina. There is something about being around people who have known you for so long and know everything that you have been through. It's a freeing feeling not having to explain why you think something or what you really mean by something or knowing that no matter what you do, say, how often you quote Harry Potter, or how you tell them to pose for photos, the people around aren't going to judge you. Not only have we had some fun mountain visits together, but we have also been through many metaphorical mountains and valleys together.  I don't know if it's the fact that we have known each other since we were slightly more awkward middle schoolers or if it's the mountains we have been through together that have kept our friendships so strong. But I do know that if I ever need them, they will be there, and they won't judge me if the reason that I call is because I can't decide between the Harry Potter onesie or the Leia one with the hair.
So here are some shots that my friends have willingly allowed me to take with constant support of my photography.
Excuse me now, while I order both onesies from Target, because adulting is hard. 

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