The One with Sipping and Shopping

I am a gift giver. It is my main love language, and it truly gives me so much joy to find the perfect gift to give to someone, which is why Christmas is naturally my favorite holiday! I'm not a big fan of wish lists though. I would rather find the perfect gift for someone on my own because I feel like that is what the meaning behind a gift is.  It really is the thought that counts.  
This is why I absolutely adored shooting at Vend Raleigh's Annual Sip and Shop this year.  There were so many vendors with so many different and unique gifts! I wanted to buy something at every single boutique, and if I had lots of money, I definitely would have.  I will definitely be in attendance again next year whether I am shooting or not because sipping and shopping for Christmas gifts are two of my favorite things!
You can find the entire list of wonderful vendors here
To see more of my shots from this event, go to Vend Raleigh's Facebook. 

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