The One with Zoe's Kitchen

Please let me introduce you to my new favorite meal of the delicious cauliflower rice bowl from Zoe's Kitchen. I had never heard of cauliflower rice before, but let me tell you, it is delicious!!! I recently had the pleasure of enjoying this deliciousness for the first time with some sweet blogger friends of mine, and I am now hooked on Zoe's Kitchen.  I've already introduced my family to it, but that was really just an excuse for me to eat there again.  Besides the delicious meals, they've also got dessert and alcohol! I got the cauliflower rice bowl with lamb and paired it with a Bold Rock cider and a bite (or five) of each dessert. And now that I have written all of this and gone through the photos again, I am on my way back to get some more very soon!
 Until next time, friends!

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